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HeartMath® is an evidence-based program grounded in the theoretical concepts of Caring Science.

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About the Program

HeartMath® is a resilience practice with or without bio-feedback tools to help monitor and lower stress responses, build energy, and develop enhanced coping skills. The HeartMath® tools combine conscious breathing and emotional self-regulation techniques that positively influence heart rate variability and behavioral practices to help individuals modify their responses in the moment and over extended periods of time. More than mindfulness practices alone, activating heart and mind best practices also improve mood, calmness, and sleep while increasing intuition and communication skills.

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Care for Self and Member

In partnership with HeartMath®, the Kaiser Permanente Scholars Academy is proud to present the latest resiliency video that focuses on both caring for self while caring for another using heart-based tools with those in our care.  This video is a gift for care givers worldwide, please share broadly!

Care For Self – Personal Coherence

HeartMath® video about self-care and building resilience.

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