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Caritas Coach Education Program®

The Caritas Coach Education Program (CCEP), in partnership with Watson Caring Science Institute (WCSI), is a unique, 6-month professional development program consisting of virtual small group intensives.

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Who is a Caritas Coach®?

A Caritas Coach is a role in health care, primarily in nursing, focused on integrating Caring Science into professional practice. This role involves a deep understanding of human caring, transpersonal care, reflective practice, and caring literacy. Caritas Coaches are trained through the CCEP, which offers a curriculum fostering self-awareness, self-exploration, and Caritas consciousness.

The value of a Caritas Coach in a medical center is significant. These coaches, as graduates of the CCEP, return to their facilities equipped with the skills and knowledge to transform health care delivery. They are prepared to transfer this knowledge to other health care professionals, contributing to a transformation in care that emphasizes meaning, purpose, dignity, and wholeness. This transformation is not just limited to patient care but extends to the personal and professional lives of health care providers as well.

About the Program

Through dialogue, collaboration, and caring literacy, the CCEP prepares you to transfer knowledge to other health care professionals within the organization and transform care. This program was developed to become a model for an elevated advanced caring science practitioner, the Caritas Coach, who embodies these principles, ethics, and ways of being.

Participants will explore Caritas consciousness and caring literacy through dynamic inquiry and collaborative, compassionate dialogue, preparing you to transform your personal and professional life toward more profound meaning, purpose, dignity, and wholeness. After completing the 6-month CCEP, Caritas Coaches return to their local facilities with new insight, wisdom, skills, and confidence to give voice and help translate and live out the theory and philosophy of human caring-healing in service for deep system transformation.

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