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Kaiser Permanente Caring Science Academy

Caring Science connects the nurse, patient, family, and health care team members by elevating caring consciousness and valuing authentic caring human relationships.

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Caring Science Programs

The Kaiser Permanente Caring Science Academy is committed to advancing Caring Science in nursing practice. By offering a variety of programs and resources, the NSA is helping nurses learn about Caring Science and how to apply it in their work.

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About Caring Science Academy

In Northern California, Dr. Jean Watson’s theory of Human Caring, frequently referred to as Caring Science, informs our nurses’ professional practice and serves as the foundation for caring interactions with patients, families, and others, while nurturing healing caring cultures across the organization.

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Person Smiling With Eyes Closed Looking Peaceful
The Gift of HeartMath
Abstract Of Hands
Healing Circles Facilitator Training
Watson Caring Science Lotus Recognition
KP Scholars Academy Awarded Lotus Recognition™
(Re)Brilliancy Workshops
(Re) Brilliancy Workshops: Oakland
(Re)Brilliancy Workshops
(Re) Brilliancy Workshops: Roseville
Nurse Honor Guard
Nurse Honor Guard Grows Ranks Across Northern California
Child Riding Horse
The Healing Power of Horses
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