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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a participating school or program?

If you are unsure of which school or program to apply to, the Allied Health Scholars Academy may be able to help you with your decision. One thing to consider is where you live and work. Many of the “brick and mortar” programs have specific campus locations, and you may want to consider a program that is near you. Some schools also offer hybrid programs for those who do not live/work near one of the campus locations.

How much tuition support is being provided?

The Allied Health Scholars Academy does not provide direct assistance for tuition. However, Kaiser Permanente employees may have the option of using SEIU-UHW Ed Fund resources or Kaiser Permanente tuition reimbursement.

Learn more about financing your education »

Are scholars guaranteed a job at Kaiser Permanente in California after completing a program?

While Kaiser Permanente cannot guarantee a job to allied health scholars, the academy aims to build a pipeline of allied health professionals ready to join the workforce. In many cases, participants will have opportunities to apply and interview for positions in the Kaiser Permanente workforce.

Financing Your Education

How to finance your education is an important consideration when embarking upon a new career. Here are some options to think about while planning your educational path.

Kaiser Permanente employees

Kaiser Permanente employees may be eligible for Kaiser Permanente’s Education Assistance & Tuition Reimbursement. Go to My HR for more information. You must log in to My HR using your single sign-on user ID and password.

Kaiser Permanente SEIU-UHW represented employees may have access to The Education Fund, which offers “education, training and career advice services to eligible union members at no cost.”

Not a Kaiser Permanente employee?

You may have other options available to you through your current employer or scholarships, grants, and loans. Depending on your chosen school, there may be other opportunities to consider. Check with your school for more detailed information.

Below are some options for California residents. Scholarships and grants typically do not need to be repaid, while loans require repayment with interest. Depending on your program, you may require a mix of grants, scholarships, and loans, to fully fund your tuition.


Money awarded usually based on merit, academic successes, a field of interest or study, activities, and others.

  • Research online scholarships related to your educational path.


Money acquired from institutions, usually based on financial need.


Money that is borrowed and repaid with interest. These loans can be federally funded or from private institutions.

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