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Strategic Priorities

  • Accelerate Integration of Evidence-informed* Practice
  • Increase Publication and Dissemination of Nursing Knowledge
  • Provide Resources to Promote Knowledge Dissemination
  • Create Infrastructure to Track All Scholarly Activity and Contributions

What We Do

  • Establish and maintain workflows and infrastructure for Research & EBP projects
  • Offer training and resources to local Research & EBP Leads, councils, and teams.
  • Expand the nursing research network across the region
  • Foster the development of Research and EBP in local hospital councils
  • Check the Resources and FAQ page for additional information

Regional Contacts

KP Scholars Academy
NCAL Nursing Research & EBP Program
NCAL Regional Offices
1950 Franklin St, 17th floor
Oakland, CA 94612

Contact Us

Local Contacts

Interested in starting or participating in a scholarly project at your medical center? Your local leads are the Nursing Professional Development Director (NPDD) and the Research & EBP council (if present).

The NCAL Program is offering virtual office hours and project consultations for issues that you cannot solve locally. Contact your local leads to be added to the invites.

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