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All KP employees have access to a variety of resources to advance scholarly projects.

NCAL Research & EBP Program Resources

  • Bi-monthly office hours/seminar series
  • Bi-monthly CoP meeting
  • Training opportunities
  • Publishing guidelines and presentations on a variety of topics
  • Project consultations and reviews of proposals and applications
  • Contact your local Research & EBP Leads to learn more

Recorded Presentations

Recommended HealthStream Modules

KP Libraries

  • Free access to a broad scientific catalogue
  • EBP subject guides including toolkits and appraisal tools
  • KP Libraries Critical Appraisal Subject Guide
  • Local librarians who can assist with forming a PICOT question, searching, appraising, and synthesizing the scientific evidence
  • Training opportunities

Link to KP Library: Visit the entire KP Libraries Nursing E-Book Catalog at and print books at

Institutional Review Board and Research Determination Office

  • The KP NCAL IRB manages all human subjects research studies
  • The KP NCAL RDO manages projects not meeting the definition of human subjects’ research
  • Approvals from local leaders and the IRB (research) or RDO (EBP) are required before starting a project
  • Separate approvals are required before disseminating results
  • Contact your local Research & EBP Leads to learn more

Research, Evidence-Based Practice & Quality Improvement project

EBP Models

  • The NCAL Program does not endorse one EBP model over others.
  • See our overview of EBP models and select one the matches your project.
Critical Appraisal Toolkit
EBP & Research Toolkit
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